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We all know the Big Easy is known for some mighty spicy seafood and wild Mardi Gras parties, but did anyone ever think that New Orleans was big on pizza? We’ve taken the time to find out what makes New Orleans pizza special and where you can find it. This might give you some ideas on making your own New Orleans Style pizza once you learn what makes these pizza recipes so different than others.

Best pizza joints in New Orleans

It can be said that finding Po Boys and Creole cuisine is easier said than done in a city that has more cultural heritage than many other southern port cities. And while pizza is an Italian import, it has also migrated its way into New Orleans with just as much style that gives a whole new meaning to pizza by the slice.

Ancora Pizza

Ancora Pizza logo with pizza

If you’re looking for authentic pizza served up in the tradition of Neapolitan-style pizza, you can’t beat the menu at Ancora. They use a traditional wood-fired oven and pizza dough that contains only flour, water, and salt. It’s a chance to taste what real Italian pizza is like along with the rest of their menu which served honest-to-goodness meatballs, Gnocchi, and imported Italian wines.

Slice Pizzeria

Slice Pizzeria logo with pizza

How original can you get with pizza that embodies the spice of New Orleans with Slice Pizzeria’s special cayenne chili tomato sauce? They’ve also given some added chewy appeal with Wisconsin mozzarella cheese and hand-tossed crusts. It’s not the oldest spot in town but got a jump on the pizza scene in the early 2000s. It was also the very first in town that sold their pizzas by the slice!

Pizza Delicious

Pizza Delicious shop

You have to be pretty confident that your pizzas live up to their name, and Pizza Delicious does just that. It’s one of the few in town that will make regular pizzas and is also Vegan for those who like marinated kale, pickled red onions, marinara sauce, and vegan cheese. They also sell pizza by the slice that’s bringing New York City-style pizza to New Orleans. If you’re a fan of foldable NYC pizza, this is the spot to get it.

Mid-City Pizza

Mid-City Pizza logo with pizza

What you’ll find at Mid-City pizza is a mixture of flavors that please the locals with New Orleans pizza recipes. They often come up with specialty pizzas that include red beans and rice and even a spicy taco blend. If you’re up for spicy, Their Fire Bird pizza includes local hot sausage, pepperoni, and asparagus. They also feature the Herbivore which is your pick of 7 veggie toppings. Sadly, their dough isn’t gluten-free just in case you’re allergic to gluten.

Bonci Pizza

Bonci Pizza logo with Bonci Pizza

This is one of three locations in the world that serves Roman-style pizza that is very unique in itself. It’s a lot closer pizza bites than the normal pizza you’re used to. Each piece is cut using special scissors so you can choose many different pizza tastes. They offer over 20 different pizzas and sell each piece by the pound. If you’re vegan or vegetarian, the selection will amaze you.

Vieux Carre Pizza

Vieux Carre Pizza shop

It’s not hard to describe how the ultimate pub crawl in New Orleans will often pass this iconic French Quarter pizzeria. It’s a bit like NYC pizza for those on the go, so you can grab a slice as you make your way to the next whiskey bar. They also feature their classic Bourbon pizza which has chicken, spinach, pesto sauce, and feta cheese. It comes with a side of marinara sauce if you like to get a bit saucier in between Bourbon street shots.

Gluten-free and Paleo Pizza?

Gluten-free pizza

If you’re looking for gluten-free pizza in New Orleans, the chances are pretty slim, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up. Theo’s Neighborhood Pizza has the answer with 5 locations that will make you gluten-free pizza dough for a very small charge. They also feature 6 veggie pizzas that all have different toppings. If you’re sticking to the Paleo diet, Theo’s has a great variety of pizzas along with build-your-own options included.

Of course, if you aren’t in New Orleans anytime soon you can still enjoy making Paleo pizza using some of the menu options mentioned here, for the pizza joints in NOLA. As long as you’re using the right ingredients, you can further enjoy pizza flavors that embody the style and flair of New Orleans pizza. Also see our ‘Best of NO BBQ‘ and our favorite foodie places to visit in the Big Easy.

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