Ochsner presents the second annual King Cake Festival — a celebration benefitting babies & children at Ochsner. Spend the day strolling Champions Square and sampling New Orleans’ finest King Cakes from the city’s greatest bakers.

And You’re Invited!

The King Cake Festival is FREE and open to the public, and will feature:

Treat yourself to this groundbreaking, inaugural festival that celebrates a slice of our history.


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  • What is King Cake Festival?

    King Cake Festival is an annual event where bakeries and New Orleans vendors come together to participate in a slice of history to help raise money for Ochsner Hostpital for Children.

  • When and where is it held?

    It is held in Champion Square on Sunday January 25, 2015.

  • Does it cost to get in?

    King Cake Festival is a free event and open to the public.

  • What can I bring into the festival?

    Please support our cause and leave all outside food and beverages at the door. Also, no pets allowed.

  • Will there be ATMs if I run low on cash?

    There are several ATMs in Champion Square if you happen to be running low on cash.

  • How can my company become a sponsor?

    For sponsor information, please contact us at